Foundations for Awareness, Signcutting and Tracking

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Foundations for Awareness, Signcutting and Tracking
By Robert Speiden
This tracking textbook prepares the reader in the basic principles of visual human tracking as they apply to a SAR mission. For anyone who needs to interpret and follow human tracks or sign, this book is for you. In fact, anyone who steps out into the field will become a better searcher, if they learn and use the material in this book. The book will aid in answering "What happened here?" and "Who made this track?" Through explanations, illustrations, and pictures from actual searches, this book describes methods and techniques used by tracking personnel to do the following: Find, follow and interpret tracks and sign Manage light and shadow to your advantage Learn about improving your awareness How to age sign Record and document tracking information Dispel common misconceptions Select and use tracking tools of the trade Become familiar with tracking terminology Understand footwear as it relates to tracking Provides an introduction to animal tracking Understand what to look for in various ground covers (leaves, low vegetation, rock, slopes, snow, and more) The book serves as the textbook for the 50-hour Field Team Signcutter course certified by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. Each chapter lists the standards used in the curriculum.
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Product Details:
ISBN: 978-0-9817686-0-1
Publisher: Natural Awareness Tracking School LLC
Publication date: 2009
Edition description: First
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 8.5” (w) x 11” (h); Paperback, 110 illustrations, 61 photographs, 50 drawings, 6 color plates, index, references, Glossary.



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